Fixus Center Joensuu

Kuurnankatu 13
80100 Joensuu

Tel. +358 400 287 287

Fixus Kitee

Kiteentie 26
82500 Kitee

Tel. +358 400 287 872


Fixus Center Joensuu – Fixus Kitee

Joensuun Dieselhuolto has been serving car owners for nearly 60 years. In addition to our solid experience, customers benefit from our passion for finding ways to do things better.

We are part of Fixus, a national chain that now has hundreds of spare part dealers and repair shops across Finland and is still growing. Our store owner Antti Hentunen was named Fixus Retailer of the Year for 2012, and in 2016, he won the Joensuu Entrepreneur of the Year award.

You’re welcome to visit our new stores in Joensuu (street address Kuurnankatu 13) and the center of Kitee (street address Kiteentie 26). Both stores have plenty of parking space. The Joensuu facilities also house a full-service Fixus Center car repair shop.