A well-stocked car parts and accessories dealer near you

We can supply you with all the parts and accessories you need – directly off the shelf, quickly and reliably. Our skilled sales staff are always on hand to help you.

We have a wide range of high-quality parts for diesel and petrol cars of all ages and sizes. Our offering includes parts for the chassis, engine & brakes, shock absorbers, electric supplies, batteries, chargers, starters, sensors, ignition and fuel system components, electric heaters, chemicals, lubricants, filters, bulbs, lighting parts, body parts, tools and tires.

Door-to-door delivery

We will deliver any parts and accessories you may need to your desired location at an affordable price. In the Joensuu and Kitee regions, the delivery time is less than two hours. For other locations in Finland, goods will be delivered the same day or the next at the latest. Our sales staff will be happy to give you more information.

Sometimes you may need spare parts at odd hours. This is why our Joensuu location is at your service on evenings and weekends too, if necessary. If you wish to pick up parts outside our regular opening hours, call us on +358 50 441 0000. Our minimum rate for pick-ups on weekdays 19–21 is €50. A minimum rate of €150 will apply on weekdays 21–8 and Saturdays 15–next weekday, and on public holidays.